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You remember your child’s first steps, his or her first day of kindergarten and that fulfilling moment when she or he received a high school diploma. The transition to college might be a time of mixed emotions—for you and your student. Indiana Tech wants you to know that your student is not just a number at our university.

Our faculty and staff know our students by name and are committed to helping them fulfill their aspirations and overcome any personal or academic challenges. Indiana Tech offers a welcoming community that will inspire growth and endless opportunities.

We understand you might still have questions, so we’ve provided a list of resources we think you’ll find helpful below. Of course, you can always contact us at 260.422.5561, ext. 3103 if you still have questions or concerns.

Important Dates

Our academic calendar provides important information for dates that your students needs to be aware of before starting classes at Indiana Tech. For more information on academic-related events and other dates, visit our important dates page.

Campus Safety

Indiana Tech goes to great measures to make sure our campus is safe for your student and everyone else. Visit our campus safety page for more information on how we keep everyone safe.

Get to Know Fort Wayne

There are a lot of things to do in Fort Wayne for just about everyone. Visit our get to know Fort Wayne page for details on everything from shopping, where to eat and places to visit.

Travel & Lodging

If you’re planning on visiting campus, check out our travel and lodging page for information on where to park, campus maps and where you can stay if you plan on being in town overnight.

Student Housing

In the past ten years, Indiana Tech has built several residence halls that have allowed us to keep up with the number of students who live on campus. The amenities in several of our residence halls are nicer than what some apartments in town offer their tenants. There are specific residence halls that are designated for freshmen and for upperclassmen, so make sure you learn more about our residence halls before having your child apply for housing.

Office of Student Success

Our Office of Student Success assists students who need academic help for any reason, no matter if it’s because of a learning disability or they just need some extra help with their studies.

Fitness Center

It is a known fact that the “Freshman 15” is alive and well on college campuses. To combat this, Indiana Tech offers many ways for students to stay healthy – both physically and mentally – when they aren’t in class or studying. Visit our Fitness Center webpage for more information on how we keep our students healthy and happy.