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Indiana Tech’s Promise IT program for Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS) students provides guaranteed admission to Indiana Tech and 100% coverage of tuition and fees at the university for those who meet financial need qualifications.

Guaranteed Admission Promise

All graduates of FWCS high schools are guaranteed admission to Indiana Tech. Students must achieve a minimum high school GPA of 2.0 to take part in the program. Direct admittance into certain Indiana Tech programs, such as engineering and computer sciences, may require a higher minimum GPA. Indiana Tech will work with students who do not meet program GPA requirements to identify alternative program options, or place them into a program that will assist them towards earning the degree of their choosing.

Tuition and Fees Promise

All qualifying FWCS students enrolling in this program will have their Indiana Tech tuition and fees covered in full. The 100% tuition coverage promise applies to students who are eligible for full federal Pell Grant and Indiana state college aid. It also applies to students who are currently a part of or meet requirements for the Indiana 21st Century Scholars program. For these students, their tuition costs and fees* are covered in full through a combination of federal aid, state aid and scholarship funds provided by Indiana Tech.
*Housing costs are not included in tuition costs and fees.

Students who are not Pell eligible are still guaranteed admission to Indiana Tech, and will have access to other scholarship opportunities at the university to help make their college costs highly affordable.

Due to NAIA scholarship regulations, athletes cannot participate in this program.

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