Wahidah Aziz

Wahida Aziz

International Admissions Counselor

Phone: 260.422.5561 ext. 2727

Email: wbaziz@indianatech.edu

Office: Andorfer Commons 223

My territories

  • Internationals – only those students requiring an I-20 (eligible non-citizens based on high school or address)
  • Afghanistan (AF), Algeria (DZ), Australia (AU), Bahrain (BH), Bangladesh (BD), Bhutan (BT), British Indian Ocean Territory (IO), Brunei Darussalam (BN), Cambodia (KH), Christmas Island (CX), Cocos (Keeling) Islands (CC), Cook Island (CK), East Timor (TP), Egypt (EG), Fiji (FJ), French Polynesia (PF), Guam (GU), Indonesia (ID), Islamic Republic of Iran (IR), Iraq (IQ), Israel (IL), Japan (JP), Jordan (JO), Kazakhstan (KZ), Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (KP), Republic of Korea (KR), Kuwait (KW), Kyrgyzstan (KG), Lao People’s Democratic Republic (LA), Lebanon (LB), Libya (LY), Malaysia (MY), Maldives (MV), Marshall Island (MH), Federated States of Micronesia (FM), Mongolia (MN), Morocco (MA), Myanmar (MM), Nauru (NR), Nepal (NP), New Caledonia ( NC), New Zealand (NZ), Niue (NU), Norfolk Island (NF), Northern Mariana Island (MP), Oman (OM), Pakistan (PK), Palau (PW), State of Palestine (PS), Papua New Guinea (PG), Paracel Islands (PI), Philippines (PH), Qatar (QA), Samoa (WS), Saudi Arabia (SA), Singapore (SG), Solomon Island (SB), Sri Lanka (LK), Syrian Arab Republic (SY), Republic of China (Taiwan) (TW), Tajikistan (TJ), Thailand (TH), Timor-Leste (TL), Tokelau (TK), Tonga (TO), Tunisia (TN), Turkmenistan (TM), Tuvalu (TV), United Arab Emirates (AE), Uzbekistan (UZ), Vanuatu (VU), Wallis and Futuna (WF), Western Sahara (EH), Republic of Yemen (YD)

My favorite thing about Indiana Tech

My favorite thing about Tech is that it’s located downtown Fort Wayne. Being at a smaller school like Tech, you quickly become part of a close-knit community. At the same time, you also benefit from the many opportunities an economically vibrant downtown offers.

What makes Indiana Tech great

The environment makes it great! Indiana Tech is set up for both student and staff success. It is a great place to be to grow professionally and personally.  

My advice for new students

Get to know your professors! They do care and want you to stop by for a chat. This helps build a relationship and makes them great references when you’re ready to start your career.