Andrew Erlandson

International Admissions Counselor

Phone: 260.422.5561 ext. 2257


Office: Abbott Center, 2nd Floor

My territories

International students whose last name/surname begins with ALM-O.

My favorite thing about Indiana Tech

Despite being nestled in the heart of Midwest America, students and faculty from all over the world work and study here. They bring their unique experiences and views that enhance the learning environment for everyone (and make it really fun too!)

What makes Indiana Tech great

Indiana Tech is one of the coziest campuses I have ever visited. The buildings all look new, with a plethora of amenities, closely connected by beautiful green space.

My advice for new students

Don’t spend all your time with people just like you. By meeting people from different places and backgrounds, your understanding of the world can grow and your ability to engage with others can deepen.