Fast Track Degrees

If you are certain of your career goals and want to get started on them sooner, our 3 to Degree and 4 to More programs might be right for you.

3 to Degree

Our high-quality three-year bachelor’s degree programs prepare you for the careers of today and tomorrow. Unique elements of 3 to Degree:

  • You’ll save big – a bachelor’s degree for 25% less, plus the ability to start your career earnings or graduate studies sooner.
  • It’s a true 3-year program – with a path to earn your bachelor’s in just six semesters.
  • Start here – you don’t need previous college credits to enter our program.
  • Gain real-world experience – course credits are available from internships, not just classroom work.
  • Learn from the best – you’ll get personal attention from experienced faculty who have worked in their fields and are committed to teaching.

Proposed 3-year schedules

4 to More

Continue on to earn your master’s degree in just one additional year with 4 to More. Just like with our 3 to Degree bachelor’s programs, you’ll save money and time while you gain the education and skills employers are looking for.

  • Save big – compared with earning your MBA separately, 4 to More allows you to save more than $21,000. For our MSM degree, the savings comes to more than $18,000.
  • It’s a true +1 program – earn a bachelor’s and you can go on to earn a master’s in just one additional year – two additional semesters.
  • Gain credentials – if you earn a bachelor’s in accounting and then complete a master’s in 4 to More, you’ll be on track to sit for the CPA exam at the end of year four, not year six like you’ll find elsewhere.
  • Play on – if you’re an athlete who completes a bachelor’s in 3 to Degree, you can get your master’s in 4 to More while continuing to play in your fourth year of eligibility.

Proposed 4-year schedules